Visitors Information

Accommodation en route to Lighthouse Reef


  • Old Vic travellers Inn - 013-744 0993 or 082 340 1508
  • Town Lodge Nelspruit - 013-741 1444
  • Chez Vincent - 013-744 1146


  • River Hill Lodge Komatipoort (Recommended) 013-793 7855 or 083 272 2224
  • Border Country Inn Hotel 013-793 7100 or 013-790 7928
  • Buckler’s Africa 013-793 7818 or 084 400 0703


  • Casa do Campo - It’s a few kilometers past the border. Contact Collin Swart on: 00285-82 7650 460 or 00258-82 4417 060


  • Casa Lisa (50km north of Maputo)  Bruce Buckland 00258-82 304 1990
  • Blue Anchor Inn (next to Casa Lisa)(Recommended) 00258-82 325 3050
  • Guest House (in Maputo) – 7 en-suite bedrooms/dinner/breakfast Kleintjie 00258-84 583 7080 or Johan 00258-84 3276 330

Xai Xai

  • Nhambavale Lodge (beautiful camping) Contact Derick 00258-82 8382 840
  • Pomene Beach Resort : 083 600 5224


At the Border

The border is open daily from 6am till 12pm. Usually the border is open for 24 hours during holidays. Please phone the Lebombo Border to confirm. The contact number is: 013-793 7311.

What you need at the border: Valid Passport; Vehicle & Trailer registration papers. From 18 April 2005 visas are no longer needed for South African Passport holders!!

Extra expenses at border: R20/passport entrance fee; ± 35Mt for vehicle documents & R150 third party insurance for vehicles & R80 for boats & trailers. Insurance available on the border.


Car Hire, Bus services, Flights, etc

4 x 4 Hire - Avis:  (013) 757 0911
Inhambane:  +258 82 630 8116;  Fax:  +258 29 321 258

Transport / Car Hire:  Renta Car:  +258 2932 125

Bus Service from SA:  +258 82 7576 540 or +27 82 8291 540

LAM Airline Flights:   Janine - 011 -  447 0815


Other important information and contact details

Lighthousereef Reception:  +258-2-935 6310;  Fax:  +258-2-935 6355

Manager:  +258-84 885 2389;  E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lebombo Border Post:  013 - 793 7311

Report Corruption to:  +258 800 222 222 / 828 002 222 / 848 002 222

2 day Marine Forecast:

10 day Weather Forecast

Fishing Charters @ Lighthousreef:
-  Ralph - Sea Bound - +258-84 8114

Dive Master:  Vossie - +258-84 899 1207;  E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Camp SitesThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Toll Gates

There are toll gates between the border & Maputo: 95Mt, 17.5Mt , and again at Xai-Xai: 20Mt (only when you travel south to Maputo).


Road Report

The border is open at Pafuri, but only accessible to 4x4 outdoor Adventurers. Drive through the Limpopo River – there's no bridge – Not recommended during rainfall season. Can’t tow a boat and need to be at least 2 vehicles. Link to Vilanculos.

Border open from 8am at the Giriyondo Border Post. 
Contact number: +27-13-735 8919
First 70km after border not for towing.
Accomodation: Machampane (Transfrontier Trail do Limpopo) +27-(0)82 655 2404 Fax: +27-(0)21-701 7870.  Link to Chibutu, Xai-Xai.

Maputo to Inhambane
They are still upgrading the road from Maputo to Beira. The road is almost finished up to Xai-Xai. The 95km north of Xai-Xai is uneven with some potholes. Please be patient.

Speed limits
PLEASE don’t exceed the speed limits of 60km/u in the villages. If the limit is 60km, rather drive less. They stop you even if you exceed the limit with 1km/u. Don’t pass a still standing vehicle on a solid line. Wait patiently or blow your vehicle’s horn. If you experience any problems with police, etc in Mozambique, or if Officials want bribes, complete the Bribery Report (Supplied by the Resort) Remember to ask for a receipt for fines paid. Don't be intimidated, but be friendly.

Recommended road
At the fork in Lindele, turn right– then ± 24km on road to Inhambane. Don’t use Jangamo turnoff – road too narrow, especially for boats!!! Turn right at signposts of all the resorts (Paindane, Coconut Bay, Guinjata, Jangamo, etc.) ± 20km red sand road (like a gravel road), then deflate tyres at white sand road (± 5km) to Lighthouse Reef.

Deflate your tires to 0,8 bar – road not accessable for cars, only 4x4 vehicles and 2x4 LDV’s with diff lock, preferably accompanied by 4x4.

Available in all major towns from R12.00/liter
Fill up in Komatipoort, again in Xai-Xai & Inharrime (for driving around in Resort).
Unleaded petrol & air available in Inharrime.
Petrol & Diesel also available in Inhambane.
Petrol cards aren’t accepted.

Road Map


At the Resort

Co-ordinates: S 24.11248

E 35.49463

  • Gas supplied for all houses.
  • All the houses have fridges & freezers & all the basic utensils (pots, cutlery, cups, plates & glasses) are supplied.
  • All 8 bed houses have at least 2 bathrooms & are tiled & have shower, toilet & hand basin. Most houses have 3 bathrooms - one with a bath.
  • Linen supplied (fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet, and 2 pillows per bed).
  • Bring your own towels, dish cloths & toilet paper (only first roll supplied).
  • Can pay with rands, meticais & dollars in the resort.
  • Bread and fresh vegetables is available nearby.
  • Don’t bring too much meat. Fish & Crayfish can be bought from the locals on the beach and Prawns & Calamari (Lula) in Inhambane & Maxixe.
  • Fruit, vegetables and other essentials are available in Inhambane.
  • Meat, brought into Mozambique, must be vacuum packed.
  • Water is drinkable.
  • Plug points – 2 point plugs. No electrical appliances may be used.
  • Electricity: We use a generator. Peak Season times: From 7am till 12am, 1pm till 4pm and 6pm till 10pm. Out of Season times & weekends: From 7am till 12pm and 5pm till 10pm.
  • (No extensions allowed)
  • No 4-weelers allowed in the resorts or on the beach.
  • You are obliged to pay all breakages.


Launching & Fishing PERMITS

  • Available from Maritime when visiting Resort.
  • Ski boat with fiber glass hull = 505Mt
  • Rubber duck & Jet Ski = 363Mt
  • Spear fishing – only allowed 300m in sea from reef.
  • Angler licenses also needed for anglers on boats.
  • Boats can be left next to beach – night watch.
  • Bring own bait – sardines & squid are best.



  • Current exchange rate: Between 2,7 & 3,2 (If rate 3,2 you get 320Mt : R100)
  • Money can be exchanged at border: Border Country Inn or FX Bureau de Exchange at Crossings Shopping Center Nelspruit or at BP Garage Komatipoort.
  • Don’t exchange money at locals on Mozambique side of border.
  • It is better to pay for petrol (and at shops) in Meticas, although Rands and Dollars are also accepted. Credit cards can’t be used.
    You can draw money with your Credit Card at the local banks.


Resort Rules / Regulations

  • Each house has its own male servant at reasonable rates – don’t employ anybody without the approval of the Resort. These servants have all been screened and are very honest.
  • Furniture, cooking utensils, cutlery, and gas for stove and geyser (Not gas braai), linen and mosquito nets are supplied.
  • You have to supply your own towels, toilet paper, kitchen towels, gas bottle for gas braai etc.
  • Fridges and deep-freezers are supplied in all houses.
  • Electricity is available ± 10 hours per day between 8am and 10pm. Bring a flashlight to use when electricity is out. No open flames allowed in the houses!
  • Occupation of houses only from 2pm and departure before 10am.
  • Home appliances like hairdryers, toasters, electric frying pans or any appliance with a heating element, battery chargers or welding machines, may NOT be used at any of our plug points. Our generator can’t handle the amp load. No extra freezers of any kind may be pluged into our plugpoints.
  • Water is safe to drink, but please use sparingly. Hosepipes for boat & vehicle washing are strictly forbidden.
  • The number of people must not exceed the number of beds per house.
  • The Paindane reef is a protected reef. No spear fishing within 300m of the reef. Areas close-by are appointed to exercise your sport, a R2000.00 fine can be imposed by the Maritime officials.
  • Don’t remove coral or live shells from reef. Please do not stand on or touch the coral. It’s illegal to buy coral from locals. Don’t purchase undersize and “in berry” crayfish
  • Access to beach permitted for 4 X 4 ‘s only. You’re allowed to drive only in front of Lighthouse Reef and Paindane Resort between the beacons. Driving on dunes is illegal, as is driving north or south from the beacons. A fine of R1000.00 plus is imposed if you are caught out of the specified area.
  • Motorbikes, scramblers and quadbikes are not allowed on the beach, only on the roads inland of the resort.
  • Jet skis and water bikes are not allowed into the bay, you can enjoy your sport on the north or far south side of the bay. Please be on the look out for anglers, swimmers and divers!!
  • No persons without a valid drivers license may drive in or around the resort.
  • Speed limit on the beach and inside the Resort is 15 km/h, please be careful of children on the beach.
  • Boats can be parked at the house or in the boat area. Remove all unattached equipment, like fishing rods, batteries (if not locked up), diving equipment etc.
  • Boats and skippers must have valid RSA seaworthy discs and skipper’s tickets.
  • Boat owners are advised that the local MARITIME & SEA FISHERIES officials will check your boat launch & fishing permit should they arrive at the resort during your stay, these permits are legal and must be paid. The official documents pertaining to these permits are available for your perusal from Maritime when they visit the resort. Receipts will be issued.
  • Launching + Maritime fees ± R250.00 – Mt750
  • Please clean all fish at water's edge and not in the camping area or chalets.
  • No open flames is allowed inside the houses.
  • Only charcoal may be used for braai (NO WOOD)





Download this file (Bribery Report Form.pdf)Bribery Report Form.pdf[ ]263 Kb

Contact Information

Belinda Schoeman
(Booking Administrator)
Tel: 00258 84 885 2389



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